1 year ago today I sat at my computer FREAKING OUT

I was just about to launch my first ever program and I had NO idea if anyone would like it, want it or buy it. Yes I’d run a test group and people had seen amazing results but I didn’t know if people would actually BUY it. I remember the first sale came in the middle of night and I screamed, I sobbed, I jumped up and down, I hid under the blanket – all the emotions in the world came out. And then the testimonials started coming in and I KNEW I had gotten it right. That feeling of being able to help someone achieve their goals was like no other.

Rewind a few months back, everyone and their dog seemed to be asking me how to lose weight.

I REALLY didn’t want to create a weight loss program because there were so many out there. But the problem was I couldn’t find one that didn’t involve deprivation, starvation, cheat meals, counting calories/syns/points/fill in the blank, or one that was nutritionally sound.

If I heard one more weight loss plan talk about margarine and low fat foods being good for you, I was about to SCREAM!

So I knew it was part of my purpose to make something different and Triple 5 was born – 5 steps to lose up to 5 pounds in 5 days (and beyond!)

Since that beautiful day 1 year ago:
  • Over 100 women have purchased Triple 5 and so many lives have been changed
  • It’s been featured on podcasts and blogs AND most importantly
  • So many women have found a new way of eating that’s sustainable, that doesn’t involve eating raw or becoming a vegan and is simple and easy to incorporate into daily life.
Today I wanted to share with you Pam’s story who purchased Triple 5 just a few weeks ago and sent me this e-mail on Monday:
“Hello Amanda,
I want you to know how much I love Triple 5. Triple 5 is so easy to incorporate into my life. I just completed my 20th day which is my fourth round of five days. I am down 8.4 pounds and have no cravings. I am a sugar addict so this has been huge for me. Without sugar I now have no canker sore’s in my mouth and I had had canker sore’s often on for the last six months. Also without sugar and processed foods I have no aching joints like I usually do in the morning. I have so much more energy and just feel so much better about myself and my clothes are fitting better. In other words Triple 5 is the best thing that’s happened to me for a long time and I am roasting vegetables and grilling chicken on a regular basis and enjoying every minute of it. I am finally in control again. 
Thank you so much Amanda. Pam”

 Wow!! Seriously this brought me to tears because my SOLE reason for creating this program was for people like Pam to have a new experience with food and weight loss.

Check out some other amazing women who were astounded by their results in just a few days:

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I can’t wait to help you achieve your weight and health goals!!

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