About Me…

For most of my life I was sick, overweight and anxious.

I suffered with glandular fever, an overactive thyroid, anxiety disorder, fatigue, an ovarian cyst AND was 25 pounds overweight. To top it all off I had gone through abuse, assault and a whole host of other tragedies.

I was a MESS and It was NOT a good time. I struggled to get out of bed most mornings, I rarely socialized as I felt so crap about myself and I never did anything adventurous because anxiety had governed my life. I was also a regular frequenter of accident and emergency because I was often so sick, we were worried for my immediate health. I had to quit my job because I was so unwell and developed agoraphobia and OCD and struggled to even leave the house – I just felt like such a failure in all areas of my life.

Doctors didn’t have the answers and I spent thousands of pounds going to nutritionists, buying self help books and programs and each did help in their own way, but it was only when I made a decision to change my thoughts AND my nutrition that EVERYTHING changed for me.

That’s when I made a decision that would shape the rest of my life…I made a decision to stop living life below the level of greatness that was already inside of me. I made a decision to stop thinking of myself as weak, as undeserving, as unworthy. I made a decision that the pain of living that way was too great and I HAD to make a change. I made a decision to change my entire life by making small baby steps every single day for 3 years. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve done lots of things that didn’t work but I made a decision I would find out how to live the life I wanted and then go for it with every ounce of intensity, passion and courage in me.

What happened?

♥ I lost 25 pounds in weight in 3 months!

♥ I learnt how to eat for health and enjoy food again!

♥ I healed from anxiety disorder that crippled my entire life for 5 years

♥ I FINALLY put glandular fever to bed after 10 years

♥ I was free of an overactive thyroid which plagued me for years

♥ I starting LIVING life to the full rather than just SURVIVING.

My life exists to help you do the same. To help you smash whatever barriers and limitations you are facing and truly LIVE.


My journey led me on a path of discovery about health and wellbeing and not only did I learn what works and what doesn’t, I learnt how to help create LASTING CHANGE for others – none of this quick fix, band aid nonsense. And that means you can bypass the years of struggle and ups and downs I had to go through.

I am a certified Life Coach and a certified Health Coach and have various trainings from The Bulletproof Training Institute (ICF), The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Robbins-Madanes Training Center. I am obsessed with learning everything I can to help you breakthrough whatever stands in your way of having the life that you want!

If you want to learn more about how to work with me and get that breakthrough and lasting change in your life, check out my ground breaking weight loss program, Triple 5 or find out how to work with me privately here

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