Gosh it’s been a busy week and I’ve got lots of exciting and special news to share with you today.
Exciting news no 1:
After listening to what you REALLY want, I’ve created a new FREE Facebook Group so I can deliver all the following to you:
✔️ Recipes
✔️ Meal prep guidance
✔️ Exercise ideas
✔️ Nutrition advice
✔️ Live videos from me weekly
✔️ Support and accountability from other like minded women who want more from their health and lives than they currently have
I’m going to be running lots of fun free challenges from this group, giving you support and advice and you will be in the company of hundreds of other women all there to support and cheer you on.
One of the biggest concerns I heard from you is that you wanted a place to be able to share in confidence whatever is going on for you and to share your successes in your health journey without the rest of the world seeing it which is why I created this group – yay!

Exciting news no 2:

Many of you have asked me for more information about how you can work with me, what it looks like, what I can help you with and what my coaching is like. Well I’ve FINALLY put together a page to tell you all about it.

Exciting news no 3:

I’m starting a podcast – wohooooo! With my best friend, Jeni Wrightson – double wohooo! This is going to be a podcast like no other. Two Health Coaches speaking candidly about all things health related from self love, to how we eat, to confidence to exercise that lights us up. I can’t wait for you to hear it. We have recorded a few episodes and let me tell you, they are seriously incredible!! I will let you know when it’s ready to be released.

Yikes – that’s a lot of excitement for one day – what can I say, things are moving and grooving and I’m SO grateful you are part of this beautiful journey

In health and wellness
Amanda x
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