Today I want to talk to you about something I hear A LOT, and even more so since my webinar on Ending Emotional Eating last week – it’s this: ‘I don’t have the motivation to eat healthy and exercise’. Boom – that’s it – as honest and raw as it comes. People know what to do, they have the healthy food in the fridge, they’ve got the gym membership but they just can’t push themselves to actually follow through. Sound familiar?!
Well I’ve got you covered. In the next couple of blog posts I want to share with you my 5 quick tips to help find your motivation and keep it there. Today I will share with you the first 2 and next week I will share the other 3. Ready?

1. Get clear on your why

What is your goal?

WHY is it important to you?
Dig deep into this, why do you care about your goal.
If it’s to get fit or lose weight, what difference will it make in your life when that happens? Who are you doing it for?
All of these reasons will become instrumental in whether you achieve your goals or not.
I encourage you to scratch past the surface (i.e. I want to look good in a bikini) and get to the root of your why (i.e. so I can show up better for myself and those I love). You see the difference there?
When it gets to the core of you, it sticks and you no longer have to rely on will power anymore!
You’ve got such a solid reason for your goal, it compels you to want to reach it!
2. Eat and move in a way that you enjoy
Eat in a way that your body loves and you enjoy. Do NOT rely on calorie counting, restriction or depriving yourself. It won’t work – you will revolt against your regimented plan and it will be worse than before you started.
Find a way of eating that is healthy AND you actually like the sound and more importantly the taste of. There is nothing worse than getting to the end of the day and realising all you have left to eat on a plan you are following is lettuce. Not so motivating I think!
The second part to this is to find workouts that you LOVE, not that feel like torture. Don’t ever do exercise that you have to endure. It really is possible to move in a way that you enjoy. If you enjoy the outdoors, take up cycling or hiking, if you love being in water, swim, if you want to work out from the comfort of your own home and the idea of gyms freak you out, then find a DVD or online workout that you love.
Oh and join my free fitness group here
Bottom line: The more you love your body into a new relationship with food and the less you force, push, strive and restrict, the more you will be on your way to finding your motivation and keeping it!
Next week I will hit you with 3 more powerful ways to find and keep your motivation so you can do whatever you want to with your health and wellbeing.
Till next time, remember that you have the power to create the body and life of your dreams!
In health and wellness
Amanda xx
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