I know what to do, I’m just not doing it!

Have you ever thought or said that before?

Have you ever wondered why even when you do find a diet or eating plan that fits you, you can’t stick to it for more than a few days or weeks? That’s because you’ve been sold a lie. Losing weight and living a healthy life has a lot less to do with the food we put in our mouth than what you have been told! Let me explain…

Here’s the thing:

If you know what to do but aren’t doing it, how can another eating plan be the solution?! It makes no sense. If you can’t control your cravings, you are constantly falling on and off the wagon, you can’t stick to a gym membership or any way of eating without treating and cheating your way into the ground, how will you EVER see the results you want to see, right?! That’s because you are focusing on the wrong thing

No amount of eating ‘clean’ or willpower is going to get you what you want – Peace with food!

There I said it ! But seriously, how has that been working out for you? I imagine not that great otherwise I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be reading this page right now – am I right? 😉

I know you girl! I know you want to feel amazing in your own skin & you want to stop the emotional eating because you know that you are meant for more than THIS.

Before you stop reading and tell me, ‘who cares what I want? It’s not going to happen’, just hear me out…

What if you could:

♥ End emotional eating once and for all

Get rid of your need to constantly ‘cheat’ no matter what meal plan you are on (even if you see short term results!)

♥ Feel in control of your eating habits, cravings and thoughts around food

♥ Stop self sabotaging when you finally get to where you want to be (so you can actually sustain your new healthy lifestyle!)

♥ Walk into any room and feel confident in what you are wearing and how you look

♥ Be full of energy – as in jump out of bed in the morning and have NO mid afternoon slumps reaching for the cookie jar at work type of energy

♥ Actually eat in a way that your body thanks you for and you enjoy ALL the time (no more being ‘good’ all day and ‘ruining’ your best efforts by 4pm). How about we just throw the whole demonising food thing out the window please??

And how about if you could do all of this without calorie counting, depriving yourself, starving yourself or eating foods that sound more like they belong on Mars than in your stomach?

If that’s what you truly want (and I think it is if you’re still reading) then I can help you!!

Imagine this

Every day you wake up before your alarm clock with boundless energy. You make yourself a cup of tea and spend 10 minutes just for yourself, thinking about how you want your day to pan out. You eat a delicious, filling breakfast and leave the house ready for the day. You never worry about what you are going to eat that day because you’ve organised yourself well enough to prep your food the night before. You know exactly what you are going to eat, to keep you feeling satisfied, full of energy and with NO mid afternoon slumps. You weigh exactly what you want to weigh and have consistently been your ideal weight for 2 years now. You get to enjoy treats whenever you want but you get so much satisfaction from life, food is no longer your emotional crutch. Exercise has a small but significant role in your life where you get around 2-3 hours in a week. You don’t kill yourself at the gym, heck you don’t even own a gym membership! You’ve found something that makes you feel alive and happens to also be good for you. You happily accept invitations to ANY social events you want to go to because you are wildly confident and proud of how you look and feel. You finally feel comfortable in your own skin. You go to bed at night feeling content, happy and get a great night’s sleep every evening.

Introducing Private Coaching with Amanda 

A program designed to help you get right on track with changing your relationship with food and your body for life! 


Over our 5 months of working together I will help you:

  • Rewire your brain and fix your relationship with food
  • Experience what food freedom REALLY looks like so you can weigh whatever the heck you want to!
  • Eradicate ‘cheating’ and ‘falling off the wagon’ from your dictionary (and more importantly life experience!)
  • See how your mind is stopping you from getting you the results you want
  • Figure out once and for all what foods work for YOUR body
  • Eat in a way that means you never have to calorie count again
  • Finally understand why you emotionally and comfort eat and what to do instead
  • Deal with cravings
  • Find exercise you LOVE that doesn’t feel like torture!
  • Develop a mind-set that is bullet proof against set backs
  • See where you are getting stuck in your relationship with food and show you how to break the cycle that keeps you frustrated with yourself and your progress
  • Experience a whole new life of food freedom
  • Have the best us online casinos and most cutting edge mindset strategies so that whenever you feel yourself regressing you know what to do to get right back on track
  • Change deep seated beliefs about food and yourself 

My name is Amanda Pickering, and I help women just like you to transform their relationship with food (no more emotional eating anyone?!) and feel INCREDIBLE about themselves, using my unique nutrition and mindset approach. I healed myself from countless sicknesses and diseases and lost 25 pounds in the process after YEARS of trying every diet plan, shake, pill and fad on the planet. Not only did I finally lose the weight (by using nutrition AND mindset techniques) and transform my life, I have kept it off for 4 years. It then became my life’s purpose to help other women do the same and I trained as a certified Holistic Health Coach. I am totally obsessed with all things nutrition and mindset and have literally spent thousands of pounds (and hours!) trying to understand why we do what we do and how that affects the food we put in our mouth and the bodies we live in.

I’m unconventional but I sure as hell help my clients get the results they want. Why? Because I’ve been where you are. I can help you not just reach your goals, but stay there AND give you the tools so that you NEVER have to go back to how you feel right now. I’ll be there when things are hard and you want to throw in the towel and I will help you figure out why things hasn’t worked for you in the past and why it will absolutely work for you NOW! I’ve got your back and we are going to go through this together. I want you to know that you can do this, you are already enough, you have what it takes and we are going to bring out who you know you are on the inside to match the women you will be on the outside.

That’s what you desire, that is your birthright!

Click here to schedule your free 30-minute discovery session 

What you get:

Private video coaching sessions with me for 5 months

(10 bi-weekly sessions, 40 minutes each)

10 video training modules through a private members site (bi-weekly) –

✓ Workbooks & worksheets full of thought provoking and powerful questions to help you get massive breakthrough!

✓ Recorded bonus calls with guest experts in mindfulness, exercise, gut health, detoxification and much more!

Lifetime access to all the modules

E-mail support for 5 months

Meal plans (available for vegetarians and meat eaters)

Delicious recipes that are quick, easy and affordable to prepare

✓ A plan of action specific to you and your unique body and metabolism

✓ And a kick ass coach who will help you get the results you desire the most!


Click here to schedule your free 30-minute discovery session 


To discuss, how I can help you click here to schedule a free 30-minute discovery session 

We will talk about where you are at, how I can help you and what happens next

Click to watch my interview with a past client, Shonda Palmer who saw such transformative changes in our time working together.

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What is the investment?

£1650 if paid in full or 5 monthly payments of £375 – Payments taken via Paypal (debit and credit cards accepted)

P.S You are here because you are ready to make a change in your life and try something different, right?  Don’t allow that voice in your head to tell you you are not enough and you are not worth investing in, because my lovely, you are!

If you have any questions before our call, e-mail me at healthandwellness@amandapickering.net

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