I truly believe health is your birthright – that’s why I became a coach. Because I had been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, thyroid disorder, glandular fever, chronic fatigue and was 25 pounds overweight before I was 21!

I was told that would be my life and I would be on medication for the remainder of it. I felt SO tired, hopeless and stuck. But something in me said ‘there’s got to be more, I can’t just settle’. I had an inkling on the inside that there must be another way than the morbid diagnosis the doctors had given me. Do you I know what I mean? That feeling when you just know, that ‘this’ can’t be it.

I decided that my health was worth fighting for and that was the decision that changed everything. I started learning EVERYTHING I could about nutrition, healing myself with food and the power of my mind and emotions and it was expensive, hard work and hit and miss but I healed myself from every single health condition (both mental and physical) and lost 25 pounds and I knew I had to share my findings with the world and help people just like you, AmandaPickering, do the same thing.

That’s why I created Fierce Wellness Academy because I believe that health is YOUR birthright too and I want to help you achieve it. 
I truly believe health is available to everyone, it’s just a matter of doing the right things in a certain order and following a plan that works.

Fierce Wellness Academy gives you the steps you need to transform your health without spending the thousands of pounds and years I did to figure it out. You can by-step all my costly mistakes and heartache and learn a step by step system from someone who has been there and is now on the other side in vibrant health and vitality.

It cost me approximately £5,000 and took 5 years to transform my health. I can help you do this for a fraction of the time and the price.

Here is the link to find out more about Fierce Wellness Academy

Fierce Wellness Academy is an intimate 10 week interactive experience for a small group of woman designed to help you transform your body & mindset and take back your health!

If you’re thinking about joining, but you need to get some questions answered before you join us – click here to e-mail me and I will help you out to make sure it’s the right fit.

If you’re ready to rock, grab your speedpass NOW, and I’ll see you inside.

Amanda xx

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