Mentor Coaching for Coaches 

I am NOT a Business Coach!

Nor do I want to be…

No, seriously! There are lots of coaches out there, many of whom I have worked with that do an amazing job at coaching for business!

But what I have found is that even though this is true, I still get people messaging me, almost on the daily to ask if they can ‘pick my brains’

It takes the form of:

  • How did you get your group program up and running?
  • What platforms do you use to deliver your courses? How did you set it up?
  • How did you go from working full time to running your business full time in 2 years? What specific steps did you take?!
  • How can I do what you do?
  • Where did you study? What did you like? What didn’t you like?
  • How do I get over my fears of being seen?
  • How do I get out of my own way?
  • How are you so good on video? What are you tips?
  • How do I improve my confidence in coaching?
  • How do you continuously put yourself out there?

And the list goes on and on and on and on and on and… well you get the picture!

So I had no plans of ever doing anything like this but you keep asking me (so I’m taking it as a sign!) and I really want to help you in a more structured way because the current way of responding via Facebook messenger, or sometimes not being able to reply at all because of sheer lack of time and a myriad of other reasons is NOT working!

So here is what I am offering you:

‘Pick My Brains’ Mentoring Session

(Yep that’s what I’m actually calling it!)

If you are any kind of coach and you need help working on your own confidence, mental blocks and/or have very practical things you want to ask me (like how do I get my group program off the ground, how do I market myself etc), you can book a single session with me via Skype so I can help you!

Just to be clear, this is NOT  a business coaching package. This is a single session to help you move yourself and your business a step (or many steps!) forward.

You get 45 minutes to ask me anything you want about your specific business, your target market, where you are getting stuck, how I charge my clients what I do, how I got to a point where I could do this full-time (when everyone tells you it’s not possible!) and anything else you want! I’m an open book 🙂

Why am I doing this?

  • Because I went from working full time in a job to working full time for myself in just over 2 years
  • Because I have literally studied and been mentored by some of the best in the world in online business and can pass on lots of pearls of wisdom
  • Because I have successfully (as in people actually paid it!) charged 3 times what I started charging (which I never thought anyone would pay me) in less than 2 years
  • Because I’ve developed courses and programs people actually want!
  • Because I want you to have the same success AND more than what I have and I know that you can do it – there is nothing different about me than you!!!!

You may have seen me featured as a Kajabi Hero, as one of Amanda Daley’s Success Stories in her blog or video interview or in the Wellpreneur’s Blog about my success with online programs.

However you landed here, if you want my help, you’ve got it 🙂

Here is how it works:

  1. Pick a time and date below and schedule your session with me
  2. Pay before the session – I’m making this super affordable at £75/$100 for a 45 minute session. If you need more calls, you pay for another one – if you know you want more than 1 session, e-mail me at but really this is about you getting what you need, getting out and implementing!
  3. There are no minimum sessions, monthly payments or anything else. It’s a single one off session – and I am not going to sell you into anything from that session!
  4. You come with what you want my help on and I will help you!


Click here to schedule your 45 minute ‘pick my brains’ session here 


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