There’s nothing that brings me more joy then seeing my client’s lives transformed!

As my daughter’s wedding was rapidly approaching, I knew I wanted to lose the last of my weight so I could look great and feel confident as the mother of the bride and for all of those wedding photos! As a health coach myself, I felt like I should know how to do this myself…. But it wasn’t happening. I was starting to panic and really get down on myself. I knew the power of a coaching relationship and how important that support and accountability truly is. Yes, I had the tools, but using them consistently was a different story. I was so happy to have met Amanda and know what an excellent and whole hearted coach she is!
She took me by the hand and together we developed a step by step plan that would change not only my habits, weight, and body but my entire mindset! Because of her intuitiveness and skill she was able to help me see how to truly change. I started meal planning and  prepping in a whole new way that was liberating! I was able to make goals that helped my time management so I stopped going through the drive thru because I had nothing else to eat while on the road. This was huge and such an important habit to break! I was able to start exercising like I’ve never done before even though I don’t like to sweat and was nervous about pushing myself. She was such a great coach AND cheerleader and I never felt like I was on my own.
Now my daughter’s wedding is over and it was the most beautiful day. I felt AMAZING and looked like a hot mama! Not only that, I had such abundant energy and felt like I could go all night at the party. 
Through my program with Amanda I learned important habits that will carry me through the rest of my life but I learned more than that. I learned that what I truly wanted was to love myself and my body. To have that shift in my mindset was worth gold! Thank you, Amanda for being such a transformational coach!
Shonda Palmer
Health and Mindfulness Coach
Shonda P.

After working with Amanda, for the first time ever, I actually want change in my life. I suffered from insomnia and now I sleep SO much better. I have started to put myself first for once and have learnt to take life one moment at a time, to deal with my issue and move on – no more obsessive overthinking! Amanda is a great listener. I felt like I could relate to her immediately and after just 2 sessions, she already makes you feel like you have known her a really long time and all you want to do is open your soul up and allow her to help. 

Claudette J.

I just wanted to give a shout out about the wonderful Amanda Pickering. I have been working with Amanda for a few months now and she is brilliant! I thought I was getting a “health coach” meaning focusing on diet and exercise (having a thyroid condition means I suffer from certain symptoms)…but I got so much more. Amanda is a wellbeing expert and health goes beyond food and exercise…there is a mental element which I didn’t realise. Thoroughly recommended. I think it was fate that brought us together as I needed someone like her in my life.

Anureet S.

I loved being coached by Amanda!  She was so easy to talk with and really listened to what I was saying.  It’s so nice to be heard!  She provided me with simple steps to take that she outlined in follow up emails.  While my primary focus in working with Amanda was on managing thyroid and PCOS issues, she was also so helpful when I needed someone to talk to about my business or personal matters.  I participated in her Triple 5 program and had huge success losing 10 pounds in 5 days!  It was so easy to follow and Amanda was right there with me, every step of the way.  I’m looking forward to continuing my wellness efforts, now having the right tools that Amanda provided to me!

Chrissy G.

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