The Saturated Fat Myth – Part Two

So in my last post I spoke about how saturated fat has been demonised and for no good reason. If you haven’t read it, check part 1 out here. In part 2 I want to share with you all the lovely fats that are incredibly good for you and taste amazeballs!


True story – me and my husband eat 30 eggs between us…a week! BUT the quality of the egg means everything. Here are a few things to look for when buying eggs:

  • They must be ORGANIC or at the very least FREE RANGE and PASTURE RAISED which means that are raised on their natural diet (bugs and grass)
  • Watch out for claims that chickens are GRAIN, COY or SOY fed – that is NOT their natural diet and will make them, as well as yourself sick.
  • When chickens are force fed an unnatural diet, and kept in confined spaces they become stressed and sick. Apart from being given antibiotics, which means you are now eating what the chicken had in their bodies (yuck!) even more importantly is that it changes the omega 3:6 fatty acid ratios of the eggs. This is important because our bodies can’t produce omega 3 or 6 fatty acids. We have to get it from food.
  • Omega 6’s are fats that we do need for survival but only in very small amounts. When they are out of wack, guess what they cause? INFLAMMATION in the body – hence why our well meaning but misinformed doctors tell us to stay away from egg yolks when we are suffering from food related illnesses. When a chicken is raised right, those eggs have a completely different balance of omega 3’s and 6’s and therefore don’t cause the same problems as their grain fed counterparts. They actually provide health benefits! Omega 3 fatty acids provide a host of health benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties and regulating cholesterol!!

Coconut oil

This is my FAVOURITE oil and for MANY reasons:

  • Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid – which means your body metabolizes it as energy rather than storing it as fat.
  • It has a high smoking point so it is stable (as in does not turn into a carcinogen) at a high heat and is a great one for cooking with.

A few things to look out for to ensure you are buying a good quality coconut oil:

  • Coconut oil should be solid at room temperature unless it’s really hot outside. If when you go to the grocery store it is liquid it has been mixed with other oils for profit purposes and you want to stay away from it.
  • What you want to look for it ‘raw and cold pressed coconut oil’ – then you will be good to go. I eat around 3 tablespoons a day.


And you thought this whole eating healthy kick wouldn’t be tasty? But caution- not all butter is created equal. A good quality, grass fed butter has completely different components than a conventional, cheap, factory-farmed butter.

  • Cows fed on grass (what they are meant to eat!) produce grass fed butter.
  • There are omega 3’s in grass and because cows eat so much of it they also have high levels of omega 3’s which are the fats we want.
  • An added bonus is that grass fed butter is high in CLA’s, which is a healthy fat and helps us to burn fat and build muscle – added bonus!
  • Grass-fed butter also has anti-cancer properties and has the perfect balance of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids!

These are just 3 examples of fats that are good for you to incorporated into your diet. To learn more sign up to my free videos tomorrow where I give you all the info you need! 

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