You know those days where you just roll out of bed and feel like crap?! You missed the alarm, you’re late for work, you didn’t have time to shower and now you are running out the door without breakfast? Yeah, that type of start to the day can seriously affect EVERYTHING that happens after it.

This past year I have gone back to consistently have a morning routine that I now swear by. Honestly it’s my secret weapon to having the best day however I happen to wake up. It increases my happiness levels, makes me feel more calm and at peace and I’m always more optimistic after I’m done. So I thought I’d share with you what I do, you ready?

1. I journal – I get everything out on paper – how I’m feeling, what’s in my head, what I’m struggling with, whatever I need to get out, it goes down in my journal

2. I spend 10-15 minutes reading an inspiring book – my favourites right now are ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and ‘The Universe Has Your Back’
3.I workout 4-5 mornings a week – a quick 30 minute high intensity workout is all I need to get those endorphins going and feeling unstoppable

4. I shower – then I listen to a piece of music that inspires me to the point that I feel I’m going to burst and while I’m doing that I start visualising how I want my day to be and whatever goals and dreams I have for that month. I let my mind go wherever it wants to, I don’t place limits on how far it wants to dream and then I do my incantations (similar to affirmations with FEELING!).

I tell myself who I am before the rest of the world does and then it happens! I transform into LIONESS.

I gotta tell you I don’t often wake upĀ feeling limitless or powerful. I often feel timid and unsure of myself. But a few minutes of thinking, feeling and speaking my truth and my whole day is turned around.
So try any or all of these things and let me know how it transforms your day!
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