Christmas is 39 sleeps away! I know, I know, it feels too early to be talking about Christmas but it’s going to creep up on us really quickly. With Christmas and the holidays in general often comes an intense period of overindulging. There are many reasons for this but the end result is a million and one diets starting on Jan 1st, not to mention all the new gym memberships, but by February, well, you know… that amazing gym deal all of a sudden seems really expensive if you only use it once a month! And that diet? What diet?!

I know the story so well because that was me for YEARS. The problem is so many of us are already making unconscious decisions that now that the year is almost out, let’s go crazy, let our hair down, ‘enjoy’ ourselves, numb the pain, reward ourselves, whatever it may be and then we’ll get serious in January. The problem with this approach is it DOESN’T WORK. Why? Because 1st January is just a day. 

If nothing has happened internally, nothing will change externally.

There is nothing special about the beginning of a new year if everything is still the same inside. Everything will be just as it was, you will just have less energy, feel more unfulfilled than ever before and walk around a few pounds heavier. I know it sound depressing but you know me, I’m always real.

Here’s the thing though. What if you could get to work on this now? What if you found the courage to say I’m not going to go down that well-worn path, I’m not going to wait until the new year to make some changes, I’m not going to feel like crap after weeks of binging, I’m going to focus on me now so that when 1st January comes, I will feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life, ready to make 2017 my best year yet.

If that sounds like a better plan, then click here to organise a free 30 minute chat with meI want to work with women who are ready to make change in their lives, who are fed up of settling for the status quo, who know they need help and are courageous enough to reach out for help, even though the unknown can be scary.

So will it be you? Are you ready to see what life could really be like? Full of energy, confidence, and true inner joy all because you decided to say yes to yourself?

If so click here and lets get started!

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