I want to talk today about something really deep that if you take it on board, can be really transformational!
It’s the idea that we wear our self worth on our bodies.
How do you feel about that statement? What does it bring up in you?
What I have learnt healing myself from multiple illness and losing 25 pounds and learning to love myself is how we treat our bodies has everything to do with how we feel about ourselves.
I recorded a video for you on this exact subject below.
In it I cover:
+ The 5 questions you can ask yourself to figure out where you are when it comes to how you feel about yourself
+ What happens when you start to TRULY love yourself
+ Why you will NEVER get the results you want just by focusing on food and exercise alone
+ My take on the ‘body positivity movement’ – my view on it might surprise you
I truly hope it helps you to see how every part of you is connected – mind, body and spirit and that if you are willing to dig deep, you can have the body and life you love
Amanda xx


SPRING FREE Is all about helping you to find total FREEDOM

+ FREEDOM in your relationship with food
+ FREEDOM in your relationship with body
+ FREEDOM in your relationship with fitness

  1. I help you do this by providing you with a workout program that is right for you, your goals and your fitness levels
  2. I help you with a nutrition plan based on what type of results you want to see
  3. I provide you with superfoods, colour coded food containers + anything else you need to guarantee TRANSFORMATION
  4. I support you in a private group + coach you through the entire process – especially the mindset + inner work which by the way is the MOST important thing ?

I anticipate this group filling up fast ? so if you want to be one of the 20 women who springs their life forward in 2018 e-mail me at healthandwellness@amandapickering.net today for more details

Starts 23rd April
UK, US and Canada only ?

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