So why the heck did I do a detox?

Because I was tired
Because I had mouth ulcers
Because I was bloated all the time
Because I wasn’t seeing the results I normally see when I eat well and exercise

I knew when I hopped on the scale and I was the HEAVIEST I’ve been in 3 years that something had to change. We all have that ‘no going back there’ place right? I found that!

So I did a detox for 6 days, well actually I did one for 3 days and one for another 3. And I gotta tell you, what an amazing experience it was.

My results astounded me!

  • I lost 6 pounds in 6 days! WOHOO!
  • I doubled my energy levels and a week after going back to eating ‘normally’ that’s still the case
  • My sugar cravings literally disappeared
  • My mental clarity is off the charts
  • I had two mouth ulcers when I started the detox and within 2 days they were gone (they normally take 7 painful days to disappear)

Why did this happen?

Because my body was acidic and when it’s acidic you are more prone to disease and sickness. It was acidic because I hadn’t done a cleanse in over 2 years and that’s a long time. I mean think about it, we shower every day to keep our outsides clean. It makes sense that every now and again we need to do a spring clean on the inside right? Too much sugar, dairy, environmental toxins as well as toxins in our toiletries and home cleaning products can all add to acidity in the body. If our bodies are alkaline, disease CANNOT survive or thrive. That’s why I did this detox and that’s why I saw amazing results!

The best part?

Ladies you will SO get this! No PMS, no cravings and no cramps! In fact, for the first time in months I didn’t even know my period was coming! And when it landed – NO PAIN!!!!! WOHOOOO. This means more to me than most because of the pain I was in for 8 years with an ovarian cyst but also because the power to be healthy is in our hands!

If you want to check out the detox I did, you can find the info here. What I love about it is it’s doable and affordable. And you still get to eat real food! If you’ve never done a detox before, and you decide to do this one, let me know and I’ll add you to a private Facebook Group where I can support you further!

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