You’ve probably seen or heard these kind of statements before right?

‘It’s low fat’
‘This only has 100 calories’
‘I’ve had my calories for the day’
‘I can’t eat that, it’s too many calories’


Well I am here to bust a myth today and let you know that calorie counting is NOT the way to lose weight and be healthy – IT’S REALLY NOT and I’m using 3 ways of thinking to explain why:

  • All calories are created equally – actually that’s just not true! An apple and a breakfast bar can both have around 100 calories give or take a few, but the truth is an apple will behave TOTALLY differently in your body than a breakfast bar would with all it’s sugar and artificial flavourings. Your body knows EXACTLY what to do with an apple. It will take the nutrients from it and will give you energy and feed your cells. What will a 100-calorie breakfast bar do? Probably slow down your system, poison your cells and make you lethargic after you get the sugar high! Okay so myth number 1 busted!
  • High calories = fat = weight gain – It is true that there are LOTS of unhealthy foods out there that are loaded with calories and will contribute to weight gain BUT that doesn’t mean that all foods that have a lot of calories in them are bad for you such as one of my favourite foods – avocado! Avocados are fantastic for balancing your blood sugar levels, giving you great hair, skin and nails and keeping you full for longer. It will actually aid with weight loss because it will 1. Fuel your body on such a deep level and give it what it needs 2. Keep you full for longer BECAUSE of it’s high calorie content, which will help you avoid convenience snacking and grabbing for unhealthy food to fill your empty stomach.
  • Eating a low calorie diet = weight loss Uh… not so much! A restricted calorie diet can actually contribute to weight gain! Here’s the thing – our bodies are VERY clever. If we don’t feed them enough, they go into starvation mode and start holding on to every single calorie for fear that you are in some kind of famine (think of all the malnourished children you see on those charity adverts – why do you think their bellies are so big?!) So when you severely restrict your calories in an effort to lose weight, you can actually slow your metabolism down so much that you end up putting on weight!

Here’s the bottom line, when you fuel you body with real, whole foods, give it what it needs and take away the junk, it will naturally find it’s optimal weight without any calorie counting, dieting or starvation methods!

So, if you need help losing weight once and for all but actually want to eat and fuel your body in a way that it thanks you for, not having to resort to dangerous and unsustainable methods, then let’s chat! Sign up for a free 30 minute chat below with me to see if my approach to weight loss could help you. And before you write this off because it brings up feelings of fear of failure or ‘I’m beyond help’, that’s my speciality 🙂 So let’s find out if what you really think about yourself is true <3

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