Get Unstuck!

Have you ever had the thought ‘how did I get here’?

Like, you had a plan, you thought you were moving in the right direction but it’s not working, you feel stuck.

If so, I want you to know that you aren’t alone, and there are very specific reasons why you feel the way you do. The best way I can explain this is by introducing you to my story…

Just a few short years ago I was STUCK:

  • Stuck in a body that was breaking down – I had glandular fever, chronic fatigue, thyroid disorder and hormonal problems all before I was 20
  • Stuck in an endless cycle of emotional eating + food issues – I was 25 pounds overweight and no matter what I did it didn’t work – diets, exercise, eating in ‘moderation’ – nothing worked for me!
  • Stuck in toxic relationships – whether it be romantic or friendships – many of my relationships were full of toxicity – controlling, unhealthy, demanding and manipulative. I always ended up being the caregiver, over giving and trying to earn love through what I did. It was VERY rarely reciprocated
  • Stuck doing work I didn’t love – finishing a degree I thought I wanted to pursue and working in an industry I hated – I was miserable and knew something needed to change
  • Stuck in a cycle of anxiety – 6-8 panic attacks a day, struggling to leave the house and feeling like my life was over, anxiety had riddled my every waking second and I decided it would be better if I wasn’t here…
  • Stuck in a mindset and world view that was robbing me from ever creating the life I truly wanted – negative, ashamed, fearful and lacking hope

Now hey, I’m not going to pretend change happened overnight.

But through massive amounts of working on myself, hiring my own coaches, counsellors and mentors, immersing myself in deep inner work and personal development and taking on thousands of hours of training in understanding human psychology and certifying in life and health coaching, I built a life that I can honestly say I LOVE – no it’s not perfect but who wants perfect? It doesn’t exist and it’s boring!

10 years on from that stuck period of my life…

  • I healed myself from every single health condition I had with the power of food, mindset and exercise
  • I lost 25 pounds and kept it off for the last 5 years
  • I ended emotional eating in my own life for good!
  • I married the man of my dreams (seriously, he is unbelievable) 8 years ago and I love him more then I ever have and I have friendships that are so beautiful I couldn’t have dreamt up if I tried
  • I wake up every day and can honestly say I LOVE what I do. I spent the last 9 years running a charity supporting homeless people as I trained as a coach and now work for myself full time privately coaching women to become unstuck in their lives as well as offering nutrition + fitness groups online and offering courses to help them navigate through painful life experiences
  • Anxiety disorder is truly a thing of the past – what used to control my every waking moment no longer has a hold over me – yes I still have days when I feel anxious, who doesn’t? But I no longer suffer from multiple panic attacks a day, and rarely have fearful or anxious thoughts
  • My mindset is the number 1 reason I have completed changed my life – I take 100% responsibility for where I am at in life and living from this place, means life has become about what I make it, not what happens!

I want to offer you the same opportunity to experience breakthrough and transformation

Whether you feel stuck in:

  • Your body
  • Your career
  • A relationship
  • A negative mindset
  • A life you don’t recognise and never wanted
  • Or you find yourself thinking ‘how did I get here?’

I am here to help

Introducing The Get Unstuck Coaching Program

Coaching designed to help you identify what is keeping you stuck and cause you to break free so you can live a life of freedom, exactly as you want to!

Here’s how it works:

  1. You book a free 30 minute discovery session to talk about your specific situation and for me to see if we are a good fit
  2. I work with you over 10, 45 minute bi-weekly private coaching sessions remotely via skype to help you reach your specific goals
  3. You get unlimited e-mail support for the duration of our time working together
  4. You can pay in full or via a payment plan (details below)

>> Click here to book a free 30 minute session with me <<


All our sessions are tailored to your individual needs but we may cover aspects of:


  • Emotional wellbeing – dealing with stress + uncomfortable emotions, anxiety etc 
  • Physical wellbeing – you can’t achieve anything long term without a healthy body so be prepared to talk about your nutrition + physical health
  • Mindset and how this impacts every area of your life and your ability to achieve your goals 
  • Relationships – personal and professional 
  • Self Care

What is the investment?

£1350 if paid in full or 5 monthly payments of £299 – Payments via Paypal (debit and credit cards accepted)

P.S You are here because you are ready to make a change in your life and try something different, right?  Don’t allow that voice in your head to tell you you are not enough and you are not worth investing in, because my lovely, you are!

If you have any questions before our call, e-mail me at

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